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M   A   R   I   A      E   K   L   U   N   D

“Stockholm Solister (Stockholm’s Soloists) is an orchestra for all Stockholm's residents without exemptions or preferences” says Maria Eklund, the orchestra’s creative director, conductor and founder.

We are the Stockholm Soloists chamber orchestra our aim is to highlight our capital city of Stockholm as a city with modern, innovative and open environment with a focus on issues related to social justice, gender equality, democracy and the environment thru means of classical music. We are unusual because we are a creative and management cooperative with a strong social agenda in our work. In our view - classical chamber music is here for all in our city of Stockholm. Our musicians are all entrepreneurs and self-employed and through cooperation we jointly take responsibility for the project and create a space for new possibilities for all of us. Stockholm Soloists Chamber Orchestra brings together leading musicians – such as Christian Svarfvar, Jan Stigmer, Jonas Lindgård, Tomas Lundström, Marc Power, and others. We are 15 to 20 musicians, depending on the program and the occasion.

Our soloists have already established themselves in Sweden both as soloists and ensemble musicians. Here, there is an additional opportunity for them to develop themselves, using individual support and cooperation with each other on a highest possible artistic level, performing very sophisticated musical pieces with focus on the different instruments. Also, each musician will be able to play as a soloist in the ensemble. The musicians of Stockholm Soloists have great influence on the repertoire, sets, and artistic creation.

Therefore, it is important for us to introduce us to a wider audience by sometimes moving  from the usual concert venues. During 2013-2014, it will perform the concert series "Our Stockholm" where they will perform at various locations in Stockholm's beautiful natural surroundings and be closer to the audience.

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Also, during the summer of 2013 the orchestra makes its first international tour to Moscow and performs at the summer festival "World Chamber Orchestras." Our aim is to spread classical music at a high artistic level, but easier accessible for everyone.

Mob: +46 708 155 437

E-mail: maria-eklund(at)



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